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  • To assist that deals go smoothly on a global basis and enhance the competitiveness of our valued members, ttnet.net has integrated our own comprehensive supplier database with trade show information, trade leads and the latest product information to build our Newsletter Center.
    It has three Newsletters, named ttnet.net Newsletter, Product Alert and Trade Leads Daily. The following are brief introductions for each newsletter and its delivery frequency. Simply click on the "Subscribe" button and follow the simple steps to subscribe and see how helpful it will be.
  • ttnet.net Newsletter

    ttnet.net Newsletter combines general product categories product updates , upcoming international trade show details, our latest published catalogs and our web announcements. Unlike Product Alert and Trade Leads Daily that require member's registration, ttnet.net Newsletter only needs your email for subscription or to unsubscribe.

    Subscribe Now > Frequency: Biweekly.

  • Product Alert

    Product Alert is the best sourcing tool that ttnet.net has; tailored for our buying members. Each day the latest product updates made by suppliers will be delivered to the subscribers who require product news for specific product categories. There are over 6,000 product categories in the Product Alert for subscribers to select.

    Subscribe Now > Frequency: Weekly. (If there is any new product under the product category that subscribers have selected.)

  • Trade Leads Daily

    The Trade Leads board includes instant Buy, Sell, Cooperation and Agent Offers. Its daily alerts are offers gathered from the board and delivered directly to subscribers' email accounts.

    Subscribe Now > Frequency: Daily. (If there is any new message under the product category that subscribers have selected.)